Spearfishing with Cameron Kirkconnell
Cameron_Kirkconnell_Spearfishing_world_record_dog_tooth_tunaCameron Kirkconnell travels the earth to remote locations to spearfishing some of the most exciting destinations in the world and is one of the best know spearfisherman around the globe. Cameron has some phenomenal captures to his name including the world spearfishing record for the Dog Tooth Tuna.

Cameron lives in Orlando Florida USA. When he is not underwater spearfishing he works as a Merchant Ship Captain traveling the world running giant oil tankers and cargo ships.

Both his father and Grand father were divers and he has been diving from a very young age. He is a true waterman spending time surfing, fishing and wakeboarding. His dad started out with homemade slings and  he towed Cameron along the reef pointing out fish and watching him shoot them.

Cameron says, “Diving with him is still my favorite thing in the world to do and I like being the one to put him in the best situations to shoot incredible fish and return the favor of years of taking me out. Seeing him shoot his first wahoo was possibly the best day or my life.”

He loves to spearfish off the Oil Rigs off Louisiana in the United States.
“ you never know what you are going to encounter and can shoot reef fish in 1000 feet of water and then swim 100 feet outside the rig and shoot Wahoo and Yellowfin tuna seconds later.”He also likes diving certain pinnacles in a bunch of places around the world … and he is not telling . Deep water wrecks are also on top of his list with there broken up crevices and mysterious atmosphere, well that along with any blue water spot.

Cameron_Kirkconnell_SpearfishingThe mighty Dogtooth Tuna are one of Cameron's favorite fish to shoot. He says that, “they aren't the hardest fish to shoot but they are by far the hardest to land. Everyone that hunts them has seen big ones but very few have landed really exceptional fish myself included. They are the most frustratingly stupid smart fish there is. They are always with sharks. They are always in current, a drop off or nasty looking reef. They combine the power and characteristics of a Bluewater fish with the sneakiness and desire to get in the bottom of the angriest of bottom fish. They think they are sharks, then they think they are Tuna, then they decide they are Groupers and the whole combination makes for a difficult fish to plan for and land.”

Then there are Wahoo and Job fish, these are two fish that Cameron really enjoys to hunt. He recons that they were very difficult to shoot in the beginning but once you understand the fish they become easier to get. Getting good fish is something that Cameron excels in, you don't have look further than this list below to get an idea of his outstanding spearfishing achievements.Cameron_Kirkconnell_Spearfishing_Black_Fin_World_Record_32Ib

119 lb Wahoo
Blue Marlin 280 lb (WR)
280lb Yellowfin Tuna
201 lb Dogtooth tuna (WR)
102 lb Spanish Mackerel
105 lb Amberjack
60 lb King Mackerel (WR)
32 lb Blackfin Tuna (WR)

lately Cameron has been getting back to the roots of spearfishing and hunting large pelagic’s with a pole spear. This is no easy task as your range becomes very limited and the power of your spear diminishes  when compared to the Riffe Guns he normally uses. Cameron says that in the beginning of his spearing career he could never have imagined diving with a pole spear but now he has started taking world records with this equipment. This black fin tune being one of them, he previously got the world record with a speargun and now has topped this very same record with a pole spear. An achievement no one else in history has been able to accomplished. You will be able to follow up on all Cameron Kirkconnells news at www.spearblog.com

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